Monday, December 3, 2012

The Devils of Loudon

My main man Kryzstof Pederecki is insane.  Last night I attempted to follow the score and listen his opera.  I couldn't even begin to look at the images on the youtubes, instead just try to follow the masses of sound about as they leapt across the page. This is some pretty heady stuff to watch go by.  This music is more than anything about the viscerality of the movement more than any kind of coded meaning that could be derived from the pitch content.  Whole masses of sound that consists of lots of instruments playing lots of iterations of lots of fast 16th notes and rests isn't perceived as a collection of individuals, its more like a flock of birds changing course in mid-flight.  I didn't make it past the first scene it was so much information to take in at once.

But, this is a good task.

To try and digest the music of this man.  He's nuts.   Opera is nuts.

One more significant thing.  Access to this score was granted by the Kansas City Public Library.   Authentic Kalmus Editions and everything.   I think that says quite alot about the quality of said much -beloved public institution here in this town.  

Good evening.

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