Sunday, January 27, 2013


My life has undergone some radical changes in the past 4 months.  Needless to say the adjustment process that we all go through is tough, but hopefully I will have managed to come out of this period with a stronger understanding of who I really am and what my music is all about.

The newest session of Black House Collective promises to be the strongest ensemble and music that we've ever put together.  3 clarinets!!  a dedicated soprano saxophone, an alto, 2 tenors.  3 trumpets of which 2 are lead players!!!  3 bones and a bass bone!!!  piano drums bass!!!

its been fun.  And to top it off we get to premier this music at the Nelson Atkins museum, in their classical antiquity collection.

My piece is loosely inspired by the story of Horus, god of the sky and an important deity in ancient Egypt.  The museum has two remarkable different Horus's and I liked the idea that the same god changes within the lifetime of a civilization.  I mean, Egypt was Egypt for close to 2000 years right?  So this thought led me through a brief tour of teh internets under search term horus.  Lots of great stuff. I think my favorite part was learning also about Horus' mother Isis, and his father Osiris, by whom he was posthumously conceived as Isis took her brother-hubby's dismembered member did the deed solo.  After he is born a short time later Horus learns that daddy's brother Set killed him, Hamlet style I guess, cause now Set sits on dads throne and has his hand in mom's lap.  Anyway, centuries of conflict later horus eventually wins.

So, in summary.  My uncle killed my father to be with my mother, who was also my father's sister so she's also my aunt, and my uncle's sister to boot!  Such tortuous heartbreak eventually led me to the piece, which is entitled Chaconne for Past Love.    I hope you, dear internet bystander would come and join us this March at the Nelson or a week later at the annual Charlotte Street Urban Culture Project's Studio Residency Open Studios event at Paragraph Space and Town Pavillion.

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