Friday, February 22, 2013

The Importance of details.

     I just spent a good 90 minutes editing little detail on the parts for my piece Chaconne for the Death of Love that will be premiered at the Nelson-Atkins Museum on March 3 as part of the Black House Collective's performance Ancient Inspiration.   It will performed again on the following friday as part of the Charlotte Street Foundation's Urban Culture Project Open Studios.   I highly encourage you to come to one or both of the performance's of this installment of our workshop.  It is easily the largest and strongest band we've had to date.  The compositions are all working out quite nicely as well.  

     I have taken a member of the collective's advice and worked on the visual layout of their parts. By making it easier to visually decipher the music should feel more relaxed and lessed stressed by the feeling of effort needed to decode all the information on the page.   I finally figured out some valuable tools in my software as a result.  Multimeasure rests are no longer fiendish things that play havoc when extracting to individual parts.  Hooray for the small victories.  

I am looking forward to having the premiere of my work especially as it represents a significant number of changes to my life and is the direct outcome of those experiences.  To have it performed will give a good sense finality to this most recent chapter in my life as well as a new starting point from which to go forward.  

Once again, please join us.  It promises to be memorable.  

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