Friday, April 19, 2013


This is one of those non-music ones.

All I can say is wow.  The swiftness, the voracious velocity with which this stream of events has unfolded through our lives is breathtaking.  Even more so than 9/11 the bombings on Monday seem to have places a mark on the permanent record that is both indelible and already evolving across multiple platforms of thought and experience.

My heart goes out to all the people affected by this senseless act of hate.  I cannot begin to imagine what life will be like for you from now on.  The first responders, the immense focus brought to bear on those two young men, thank you.  The man in the cowboy hat; the "only his first name, Jeff" that victims have wanted to say the most heartfelt of thanks to; all of the countless hundred you can see on videos running towards the danger make me weep for humanity is more good than evil.  It tells me that being cynical is really a waste of your precious time and energy.  Sure, you can cause destruction so much faster than you can create and build, but to what end?

There has been for sometime in this world a spiritual imbalance.  So many of us are simply turned off to the idea that there is something beyond being a sensual hedonist in contemporary existence.  I think I might even have been turned off at certain point in my life.  While watching the people running towards though, it comforts me to know that yes.  There is something much greater and more precious than the  vaunted individual and its biological imperatives.  And I should pay more attention.

I also again see instances of just how deranged a human thought process can become.  These two young men, (at the time of this writing I guess just one now, if they take him alive) have obviously developed some very not-like-mine thought process and rationalization for their behavior.  The brain is such a plastic thing, and with a little practice you can turn it into a marvelous thing.  But if you practice the wrong way though, you get results like Monday's tragedy.

Can we all just take a moment to breathe in the bad, transform it within ourselves, and exhale the good.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Hours and hours of sweat and concentration.  I still have 80 measures or so left to transcribe vocal rhythms into.  Thankfully I am not in the act of creating permanent pitch content just yet, as the singers have been requested to come up with their own vocal lines based on the harmonies the band provides and their own experiences from past operas and roles they have filled.

Last sunday we had a read through with the singers doing their level best and I couldn't have been more pleased.  I am looking forward to the anticipation that will start to creep in as the performance date draws nearer and nearer.  Here's a shoutout to Alison Heryer who is going to be designing the costumes for all of our scenes.  She has some very great ideas on how to use the space.

I have dallied too long, I must complete these parts.   So I leave you with this, because I've been listening to more and more of his music lately.

Despite this piece's elegiac reputation, I find it to be some of the most significant counterpoint I have ever listened to in terms of influencing how I work out my ideas.  You should also check out his Essay for Orchestra Nos. 1 and 2.