Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dark Price

We are officially one week away from the premiers of 6 (count them 6!!!!) new opera scenes from some great composers.  

I have had a blast working with the singers for my scene.  They have all been such pros and have offered exactly the kinds of feedback and collaborative energy I was hoping for going into this project.  They have broken down my long-standing aversion and really helped me realize the difference between vocal writing and instrumental writing.   Plus which, I got some great composition and technology lessons out of the whole writing process.  Now I know how to make piano music look like piano music!!  Its really kind of embarrassing how much of a revelation the piano lesson was.  

Anyway, dear readers.  Please do yourself a favor, come out and support BRAND SPANKING NEW MUSIC here in KC.  Let's put a dent in the cultural map that people won't want to buff out.  

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