Friday, August 30, 2013

What should the audience expect?

 This is what I have visualized for happening the last half of my night of music on Sep. 12 as part of the Black Lab New Music Festival.   As mentioned before, a fabulous new quintet is on the upfront.

If you are familiar with the layout of the Paragraph Space then hopefully you'll notice that one of these pictures doesn't have the massive pillar that should be there.

No those are not ninja turtles, they are blindfolds.  I am asking people to give up one sense so they can focus on other, little used ones.   And to drop boundaries for a moment, to hear what we can feel.

Sorry for the perpendicularity...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shifting of Gears

For the first part of my night of music for the upcoming Black Lab New Music Festival on Thursday Sep. 12 I am offering a realignment of the Phonologotronic.

I am pleased to bring Nick Howell (trumpet), Jason Smith (drums), and Lane Garner (guitar) into the fold on.  The Future Dr. is still with us, laying down the low-end. We are now a quintet and I will focus more on alto.  I have dug through my vaults to bring forth a wide array of musics.  From 2 of my oldest tunes to a couple birthed specifically for this instrumentation, I am excited about the debut performance of this band.  

For the second half of my performance night Brad Van Wick and I are going to conduct an experiment upon any willing volunteers in the audience as we perform as Mnemosyne Duo.  There will be at least 3 ways you can participate in the "experimence" (a portmanteau of experience and experiment), More to come as I get details hammered out with all of the special guests.  

If you are adventuresome and willing to talk a bit about what you experience to us please come and help us figure out some physio-psycho-electro-acoustic-magic.