Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shifting of Gears

For the first part of my night of music for the upcoming Black Lab New Music Festival on Thursday Sep. 12 I am offering a realignment of the Phonologotronic.

I am pleased to bring Nick Howell (trumpet), Jason Smith (drums), and Lane Garner (guitar) into the fold on.  The Future Dr. is still with us, laying down the low-end. We are now a quintet and I will focus more on alto.  I have dug through my vaults to bring forth a wide array of musics.  From 2 of my oldest tunes to a couple birthed specifically for this instrumentation, I am excited about the debut performance of this band.  

For the second half of my performance night Brad Van Wick and I are going to conduct an experiment upon any willing volunteers in the audience as we perform as Mnemosyne Duo.  There will be at least 3 ways you can participate in the "experimence" (a portmanteau of experience and experiment), More to come as I get details hammered out with all of the special guests.  

If you are adventuresome and willing to talk a bit about what you experience to us please come and help us figure out some physio-psycho-electro-acoustic-magic.  

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