Artist Statement

Much of my output centers around the intersection between notated forms and improvised performance.  I am keenly aware of how memory plays a role in our construction of meaning and form, in both linear and non-linear ways. Recent interests have centered upon the affective power of the human vocal apparatus at the subconscious thresholds of our awareness.

While playing music with other people I seek out situations wherein the participants can sublimate their individual voices in search of a greater shared music.  In order to meet this goal I find it essential to listen with intentionality every time music is made. This at times difficult task continues to ripen in reward, as some of my ensembles mature into deeper shared vocabularies.

I have always been interested in the in-between things, especially those existing at the threshold of awareness.  I view my experiments with number and rhythm as an attempt to find a handhold along those seams, trying to pry them open to see what lies behind.  My compositions exist as invitations to the listener to come and share the same time and space; together we'll endeavor to resonate across multiple domains and boundaries.   

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