Russell Thorpe                                                                        
4308 Booth St.                                                                        
Kansas City, KS 66103                                                                                            816-896-0696


Memnosyne Duo                                                          
performance duo with composer/performer
C. Bradley Van Wick

The Phonologotronic (founder)                            
avant-pop power trio

Black House Collective (associate director)           
new music collective/composer’s workshop

People’s Liberation Big Band
of Greater Kansas City (composer/player)            
modified big band led by Brad Cox

Selected Performances

Rites of Being: A Night of New Opera                                                           
May 2013 - Paragraph Gallery
Soma Athenaton                                                      
March 2013 - Nelson-Atkins Museum
Ancient Inspiration                                                 
March 2013 -  Nelson-Atkins Museum
Fluid Fracture                                                         
September 2012 - La Esquina
The Bell Tree                                                            
April 2012 - with Gamelan Genta Katsuri
Black House Presents                                              
August 2011 - La Esquina
Improv Sliced 4 Ways                                             
April 2011 - with 940 Dance Company

Selected Compositions

Dark Price                                                               1-act operetta. chamber ensemble, 3 singers   
Filaments for Piano and Orchestra                       piano concertino; full orchestra
Chaconne for the Death of Love                             variations for 15 winds + rhythm section
The 10000 Things                                                    for dance; symphonic band or gamelan
8+3 >11                                                                     thematic suite for  large chamber ensemble
Hunt For the Giant Squid                                       modified “big band”
Kraken Rises: Revenge of the Squid                      modified “big band”
Cesare Borgia                                                          jazz “head”
Guidobaldo: Duke of Urbino                                  jazz “head”
Ridiculously Difficult Terrificness                          medium sized winds + rhythm section
Subtle Nourishment                                                 modified “big band”
Leopold’s Shuffle                                                      jazz “head”  
Plushmonger                                                            medium chamber ensemble15
St. Alia of the Knife                                                   jazz “head”/chamber ensemble + soprano
Shai Hulud                                                               medium chamber ensemble
Miles Teg                                                                   jazz nonet
Interpreter                                                               “conduction”- type game piece
Village Slaughter                                                     fixed media

Skills and Teaching Experience

saxophones/bass clarinet                                         over 20 years experience teaching/playing
composer/arranger                                                                                  over 200 private students
pedagogue, clinician

Guest lectures at UMKC, KCKCC                                       improvisation, contemporary music

Cognitive Trainer                                                      

Master of Music  - UNC-Greensboro  2003
saxophones, woodwind pedagogy, jazz pedagogy, ethnomusicology

Bachelor of Music  - Oklahoma State University  2001
saxophone, orchestration, counterpoint, ensemble playing, pedagogy

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